LED Headphones In-Ear - Lomdi Deals
LED Headphones In-Ear - Lomdi Deals
LED Headphones In-Ear - Lomdi Deals
LED Headphones In-Ear - Lomdi Deals
LED Headphones In-Ear - Lomdi Deals

LED In-Ear Headphones (Earbuds)

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Using lasers, premium audio drivers, and smartphone integration, Glow is the ultimate pairing of expression, sound and utility.

  • Headphones with Freakin' Lasers in either Red, Green, or Blue
  • Premium Sound using high-end Audio Drivers
  • Dedicated App for iOS and Android for Laser & Smartphone control
  • Carrying Case
  • Limited time only discount
  • New online orders for RED and BLUE units will ship immediately (around any holidays, e.g., lunar new year shutdown)Glow is committed to delivering to our Kickstarter backers first, but will ship online pre-orders in the order they were received.
  • Shipping usually takes 5-7 business days
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  • Being a startup, all orders are produced just-in-time upon order receipt. Due to the high demand and high cost of manufacturing, we unfortunately cannot provide any refunds nor provide replacement for any returned deliveries. Exchanges will be allowed for any faulty devices in accordance with the terms and condition.


Music has always been a powerful form of expression, and Glow puts you center stage. These earbuds pack specially-designed wires that diffuse light from a laser. The light pulses to the sound of your favorite tunes, so get out there and rock out in your favorite color.

Get in sync to the most important beat of all. Whether it's running around malls or snowboarding down a mountain, Glow lets you see and track your every beat using an integrated heart rate monitor. Stay in tune with your inner self while you're out doing your thing.

Glow was designed to provide listeners with the clear and balanced audio response they expect from a high-end audiophile product. We have paid special attention to the overall audio profile so that Glow provides natural highs and lows.

We designed Glow headphones to be comfortable and easy to use for everyday activities. The ergonomic design of the asymmetric nozzle follows the natural contour of your ear, so the earbuds fit perfectly and securely. A negative profile recesses completely in the ear, providing comfort even when you're laying down or sleeping.

We used lightweight materials to ensure Glow headphones provide a good long-term listening experience.

Using an intuitive 5-way remote, Glow makes it easy to do what you love to do.

Media Apps
: Dedicated buttons for all your music controls (Volume, track, play/pause) that are fully compatible with popular apps such as Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and more. (Android or iOS*)

Phone Calls: Answer or hang up calls by pressing the center button.

Google: Using the 5-way controller and a single button press you can activate "Google Now" and control your smartphone with your voice.

Camera: Snap a picture with your phone remotely using the controller wirelessly.

Texts: Listen and respond to texts or messenger requests on your smartphone using Glow’s 5-way controller.

Glow headphones come with an integrated heart rate sensor inside the earbud. The pulse oximeter detects your heart rate. Glow can then synchronize the pulsing of the wire to your beat*.

Using the accelerometer, we can make Glow dance to your steps and movement. This feature requires additional development effort and hitting this stretch goal will ensure that we can implement this without delaying the product.

We really want to be able to include a heart rate monitor inside every pair of Glow headphones. We've done the initial design and engineering work, and we have already reached out to manufacturing partners and have a few strong candidates lined up. However, to bring the price point for the heart rate monitor down to an acceptable level, we need volume. Hitting the $1M mark will guarantee that we have enough orders to meet the volume commitment needed to bring this feature to life. 

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