5M Metal Polish Treatment Solution

₹ 295.00

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  • This is an 100% Original 5M Branded Metal Polish & Rust Cleaner. Don't get fooled by cheap knockoffs. This solution removes corrosion, rust, grime and dirt from a metal surface to make it shining new again and increase lif by atleast 25%. The biggest enemy of metal is rust, and this solution's Patented German anti oxidation formula reacts with harmful rust and oxidation and removes it from the surface. Provides brilliant gloss and finish on the metal surface.
  • Oxidation is one of the biggest enemies of any metal or glass object. It is believed that rendering a metal surface with deoxidizing agents can add about 40% more life to it. And to top it off, it also looks bright and shining. This does exactly that. use it on any surface which has rust, abrasions, muck, and fungus on it, and what this solution brighten it up in a jiffy!
  • Most ideal for Any metal surface like Motorcycle & Car parts. Reclaiming brass, copper and other metallic instruments like utensils, musical instruments, industrial or home products. Works in reclaiming foggy glasses too. Extremely good for headlights and taillights of cars and bikes.
  • Polishes brass, copper, bronze, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel etc. Polishes metal fittings, decorative objects, musical instruments, metal sign boards, antiques, idols Used in hotels, restaurants, automotive, household articles, removes fine scratches in windshield
  • Can be used for molds in plastic industry, polishes injection molds and dies 100% non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe, this product is a world-famous winner of international awards, rated 1 in Europe and Asia with several golden awards