who we are

we’re a bunch of simple loons

who like to do simple things the simple way. we are currently always trying to do something, and by something we mean anything. there are very few of us for now, and hence when we say something, it literally is something.

we’ve embarked on this journey of creative expression using high quality merchandise and accessories as part of our bid to carve a niche for ourselves in the already jam packed market of the ecommerce industry. we also are obsessed with keeping up to date with both design and technology trends. hopefully it’ll be a good thing for us.

what we do

we do it honestly.

there are a lot of companies who do what we do. we are just sure of what we do and we do it honestly. sometimes, that’s enough. for the times it’s not enough, we either try to work harder, or we just give up and head out for a movie, or video games.

other than being honest, we also engage in a few activities like – professional thumb wrestling blurry photography olympic level sandbag racing (like seriously) break dancing (lol)

get in touch

connect with us.

we are social to the core and love to engage with like minded people for just about anything. if you’re happy and you know and you really need to show it, or if you just want to watch us whip, watch us nae nae, or if you want to just say hi, feel free to get in touch.